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Starting A Food Truck? This Checklist Will Help Ensure A Profitable Grand Opening!

Now that your food truck is decked out and ready for business, it's time to prepare for your opening day. No grand opening is a success without plenty of customers to tend to, so it's important to do more than get listed in the phone book and included in the local classifieds. The following checklist will help ensure that you attract plenty of customers to make your grand opening a major success:

Some Signs and Banners

One of the most important ways you can promote your food truck is to have a sign company create a couple of business signs and banners for you. Signs can be responsible for up about 50 percent of the new customers you attract, so they should be front and center in your promotional campaigns.

Signs and banners can be used on your actual food truck, put on stands on the sidewalk leading to your truck, and features at community fairs and concerts where it's possible to reach the eyes of hundreds, if not thousands, of people in just a day or two. Your signs offer the perfect opportunity to build your brand – make sure that your logo, your contact information, and a bit about your food truck can all be found on your signs to set yourself apart from other businesses in your area. Before you move on, click to find out more.

Simple Seating for Diners

Most food trucks you see don't offer anywhere for their customers to sit and enjoy the food they purchase, sending them off quickly to find another spot to relax. If you can offer an all-in-one dining experience for some of your customers, chances are that they'll visit more often, bring more friends, and even buy more food from you overall.

Put out a couple of folding tables and plastic chairs to surround them, and you're in business. Adding a tablecloth to the top of the tables instantly increases the eye appeal of them, and you can really increase the engagement factor by putting a deck of cards in the middle of each table to encourage some fun.

Menu Flyers with Coupons

In addition to your truck menu and the menus intended to stay in the ordering line, have flyers printed with your menu on them, contact information, and even a couple of coupons to peak the interest of people who grab a flyer as they walk by. You don't have to include the entire menu if it's an extensive one – instead focus on the items that feature the overall selection of what is available from your food truck.

A Few Filling Meal Specials

Everyone loves a good food special. Offering food specials is a great way to get people to notice your food truck as they make their way through a busy day. To make the dining experience of your new customers memorable, make sure that the specials you offer are filling. For example, instead of plating a taco special with a small side salad, include a scoop of rice or a small bowl of tortilla soup too.

Tantalizing Photos of Favorites

People eat with their eyes first, so you can draw a lot of attention to your food truck by featuring photos of some menu items on your truck itself, on your signs, and in the order window. Make sure the photos are taken in HD color so that the details of the food can be picked out by the eye.

Color photos taken in natural lighting will help to bring out the natural textures in the food. Have the photos laminated so they don't yellow or fade, making the food in the photos look less appealing that it is.

These tips and tricks will help you to build a brand for yourself so your food truck is quickly recognized within the community as a reliable place to enjoy a meal.