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Why Is Street Sweeping Day Essential To Your Community

If you live in a busy city or community, you may have street sweeping services, such as USA Services of Florida, to keep your streets clean. However, you can get a ticket if you don't move your vehicle to the appropriate side of the road on street sweeping day. Although some residents may balk at the idea of parking their vehicles across the street, or even down the block from their homes, street sweeping plays a critical role in removing garbage, leaves and other debris from their communities. Here's a tip for avoiding a ticket on street sweeping day, as well as facts about the service.

Where to Find a Street Sweeping Schedule?

You can find a detailed schedule of each street sweeping day on your city's public utility website. If you own a cell, download a free app from the city to keep updated on the schedule. You can program the app to send you daily text messages from the city's street sweeping program to keep you on track of the schedule.

The schedule also includes a list of the holidays street sweepers don't operate. In some cases, the city will put out signs letting you know when to move your cars during street sweeping day. 

Why Do You Receive a Ticket for Not Moving Your Vehicle?

Since most street sweepers operate Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., you need to keep your vehicle parked out of the way until the appropriate time lapses. Otherwise, you may get a ticket for:

  • Blocking the street sweeper's path and preventing the sanitation and beautification efforts of the city
  • Placing the street sweeper at risk for an accident, if the operator has to leave the side of the street to go around you and hit a vehicle, bicyclist or pedestrian  in the process
  • Ignoring the city's ordinances regarding street sweeping day

If you pay close attention to your community's street sweeping schedule, you won't receive a ticket. In some cases, your car can get towed.

Why Is Street Sweeping So Important?

Keeping your community clean is an important job for the city. Street sweepers help your community stay clean, healthy and successful. Although it may inconvenience you to move your car, it keeps street sweepers from missing garbage and other debris when they come out. When debris gets left behind, it washes down your community's storm drains during the rainy season. Once there, the debris clogs up the city's sewer and water lines until it backs up into the streets.

To clean up the mess, the city may need to hire extra manpower. You may end up paying for the cleanup job and extra staff if the city raises your water and sewer taxes to compensate for the expenses. So the next time you complain about moving your vehicle, think about the consequences of not doing so.

Why Do Street Sweepers Come Out More During Certain Seasons?

One of the most important jobs of a street sweeper is to maintain a safe environment for you and your neighbors, especially during winter. The winter season is one of the most dangerous times of the year for drivers. Once snow melts on the road, it can create a huge mess if the water mixes with falling leaves, dirt and garbage. Not only is this unsafe for pedestrians, it can cause vehicular accidents when cars and trucks skid or slide on the muddy surfaces.

You can help your street sweepers out during the cold season by:

  • Picking up any garbage that falls on the snow in your yard and in front of your home
  • Placing salt on the pavement in front of your home, including along the curb and on the sidewalk
  • Asking your neighbors to keep their properties clean during the cold season

If you want to know more about helping your street sweepers out in the winter, contact your city for more information.

Your street sweepers work hard to keep your city and community clean. You can make their jobs a lot easier just by following your city's street sweeping schedule.