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3 Tips For Making Your Small Bathroom Spacious

In every house, there's a compromise somewhere – in order to add a feature or space in one room, another room has to be a little smaller than might be desirable. In many cases, it's a bathroom that ends up being compromised. While a smaller bathroom might be a fair tradeoff for a larger bedroom or more closet space, it can still be annoying. A small, cluttered bathroom doesn't exactly feel like a luxurious place to unwind and refresh yourself after a busy day. Luckily, there are a lot of tricks that you can use to make a small bathroom look and feel larger than it really is. Take a look at a few tips for improving and enlarging your bathroom space.

Organize Your Space

In any small space, organization is key. Having towels stacked on the counter or counters cluttered with hair or beauty products makes your bathroom look even smaller than it really is. Some creative organization can go a long way toward making the room seem more spacious.

Try making use of previously unused space by installing an over-the-toilet shelving unit. Attach storage cubes to the wall, and make liberal use of wall or door-mounted hooks to hang towels or bathrobes. Store shampoo and soap in a shower caddy inside the shower – that way they're easy to reach and not taking up counter or shelf space. Store folded towels and toiletries in decorative baskets that match the theme and color scheme of the bathroom – this will make the things that you're storing look more like part of the décor and less like a collection of clutter. They'll also tend to blend in more easily.

Get Rid Of Your Bathtub

Not only is the bathtub a major space hog, it's also clunky looking – most bathtubs appear to take up more room than they actually do. In the space that you'll save by getting rid of the bathtub, install a glass-enclosed shower spa instead. You can fit a lot of luxury shower features into a relatively small space. After all, massaging showerheads and body jets mounted on the wall don't take up a lot of room. You can even add lights and music to the mix. Install a bench on the wall so that you can sit and enjoy your relaxing shower. Having such a luxurious shower will give your bathroom the illusion of extra space, simply because the mind will associate this indulgence with spaciousness.

Meanwhile, the glass shower doors will assist the illusion by softening the transition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The more one space fades into the next without much interruption, the larger the entire room will appear to be. A bathtub isn't subtle – it's a harsh transition that clearly marks how much space it's taking up. By contrast, a glass shower enclosure simply blends into the rest of the room, suggesting almost no transition at all. It's a much cleaner and less cluttered look.

Let In The Light

Natural light makes a big difference when it comes to making a space appear open and spacious. Unfortunately, bringing natural light into a small bathroom is a particular challenge. Many small bathrooms don't have windows at all – those that do are often shuttered for obvious privacy reasons.

If you do have a window, consider eschewing curtains and shutters in favor of translucent or opaque window films. These are designed to allow light in while obscuring the view from the outside, making them a perfect – and affordable – choice for a small bathroom. If you don't have a window, you may need to take more drastic measures. Consider your ceiling: is there room for a skylight? Or you may want to consider a solar tube, which can take up less space in your ceiling and will also cost less than a skylight. A solar tube is a great way to allow in natural light even if your bathroom is not located in a great place for capturing natural light. And if all else fails, at least choose lights and light bulbs that imitate natural light as closely as possible. Stay away from harsh fluorescent bulbs – they'll just emphasize how small the space really is.

By using these tips to make your bathroom seem larger, you'll wind up with a bathroom space that you'll love, and one that you'll enjoy showing off to guests.