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4 Situations Where A Tree Trimming Is Needed

Many homeowners believe that having trees requires little work, and that all they need to worry about is watering and raking leaves. However, trees are subject to a number of issues that could compromise their health and livelihood. You should ensure that you trim your tree often to keep it healthy, and there are certain situations where a tree trim is absolutely necessary. If you notice the following things in your trees, you need to hire a tree trimming service or trim the branches yourself as soon as possible. Neglecting to do so could lead to further damage, or even the death of your tree.

Diseased Branches

One of the most common misfortunes when it comes to trees is that the branches become diseased. There are a number of reasons why your branches might become diseased, like factors that will weaken your tree's health, such as pollution, lack of minerals in the soil or excessive moisture.

Look for symptoms of diseased trees, such as changes in the normal coloring of the leaves, falling off bark, moss growing, or lack of budding branches. You should trim diseased branches whenever you see them, as the infection can spread to other portions of the tree and might force your hand into removing the entirety of the tree!

Insect Infestation

Insect infestations can be a serious threat  to the health and lifespan of your tree. Numerous insects, like aphids and emerald ash borer, tend to infect trees and drain the life out of them long before their time. There are two places where infestations usually begin: the roots and base of the tree or the branches themselves. The branches are quite a bit easier to handle. If you see signs of infestation, such as chipped bark and branch offshoots bending, as is the case with termites, or the simple fact that the zest, luster and color of your branches is fading, as with ants, it is best to trim the branches before the infestation can magnify.

Increasingly Difficult to Deal With

Have you found that a branch or several branches are simply too much to deal with? Perhaps the branch is blocking your view. Perhaps the branch is blocking the view of your house from the road or sidewalk. If this is the case, it's time to give your tree a bit of a trim! Trimming a tree in this case can actually be quite healthy for it, in addition. This is due to the fact that when branches become too long and unruly, they can become a danger to themselves. Icy weather conditions are particularly unhealthy for long branches that grow far away from the locus of the tree's origin.

Dead Branches

The fact remains that everything on this list can cause your branches to die. Simply put, if your branch dies, it is best to get rid of it. The branch will not regenerate when dead  and will be more susceptible to possible breakage. A dead branch is a danger to your home's safety, as a falling dead branch could damage your roof or the exterior of your home.

Furthermore, snipping the branch is good for the tree itself! By trimming the branch, you are ensuring that a healthy branch can grow in its stead, rather than take the chance that whatever is killing the branch (especially if it is a disease), infects the entirety of the rest of the plant, meaning that it will eventually have to come up, roots and all.

There might be numerous reasons for trimming your tree's branches. Hopefully, this article has given you an idea about what some of these reasons might be. If your tree needs to be trimmed, contact a tree trimming service, such as Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc.