Exploring New Home Construction

Increase Your Property Values And Enjoy Long Term Benefits With These Home Updates

Making regular home updates is an effective way to make sure that your home is able to stay competitive on the market, which will be helpful if you end up deciding to sell the property or apply to get a second mortgage at some time or another in the future. Projects like kitchen renovations and basement refurbishments will significantly increase the value of your home, but these types of projects typically require a large investment that can be hard to recuperate until you actually decide to sell your house.

However, there are a few home updates you can make to increase your home's overall value right away while also providing you with a variety of long term benefits to enjoy until you sell the house, or even if you decide to stay there forever. Consider incorporating the following effective update ideas into your future project plans:

Invest in an Overlay Project

Investing in an a new asphalt overlay design is an effective way to give your home and landscape an updated look, increase the property's overall value, and most importantly offer you comfortable and convenient access to your parking spot without having to invest in a lot of maintenance or repairs as time passes.

Your new asphalt overlay is sure to provide you with an impressive return-on-investment within the first few years after being applied. Asphalt driveways are typically more affordable to install and maintain than concrete options, but they hold up just as nicely throughout the years. Asphalt does a great job at resisting damage caused by freezing temperatures during the winter months, and if any utility lines are located under your driveway, you should find that having them repaired is pretty easy to do with an asphalt overlay as it's easier to work with than other types of driveway materials.

For more information about the specifics of asphalt repair, you can contact local asphalt companies, such as Bituminous Roadways, Inc..

Plant Some Trees around the House

Planting deciduous trees around the yard and near the vicinity of windows that get direct sunlight during the day is a great way to provide your home with natural protection from the outdoor elements and improve your property's overall curb appeal. This should help reduce use of your HVAC system to minimize wear and tear as well as the need for repairs. You should also save money on energy costs year-round, and you might even be able to increase your property value by about 10 percent.

Deciduous trees are your best bet for weather protect because they produce large leaves in the summer to shade your home from the heat and they lose their leaves during the winter so the sun can naturally heat your roof up. Consider planting one or more of these awesome options:  

  • Crab Apple
  • Cherry
  • Sycamore
  • Discovery Elm

It is important to have a clear understanding of how large your chosen trees will get once they mature so that you can plant them far enough away from your home so that their branches won't damage the roof if they break off during storms.

Install a New Solar Hot Water Heater

Another way to save money on maintenance and energy costs as well as increase your home's overall value is to incorporate a new solar hot water heater into your plumbing system. You should actually be able to cut your water heating costs in half right away once your new water heater is installed, and you'll save yourself some water throughout the year too, which is sure to decrease your household's carbon footprint.

You should see positive results and financial benefits after implementing just one of these update ideas into your project plans, but consider implementing all of them to optimize your benefits and potential profits if you end up putting the house on the market.