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7 Kitchen Accessories For A Camper, Motorhome Or Recreational Vehicle

Do you own a camper, recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome? If so, food preparation space may be limited. Kitchen accessories geared towards RV use can maximize the space you have. Rather than choose traditional sized gadgets and appliances, you might want to choose compact accessories that offer the same benefits and features as their full-sized counterparts. In addition, look for convenient kitchen helpers such as add-on drawers that fit underneath a counter or table, as well as food preparation toppers that fit over the stove. Here are some useful kitchen accessories to purchase for your camper or RV:

1. Multi-Function Breakfast Center

What is this? Simply put, it is an all-in-one station that includes a mini toaster oven, small frying griddle and coffee maker in one compact unit. It is ideal for any camper or RV, as it takes up minimal counter space. An all-in-one compact breakfast maker also makes a great gift for the RV owner in your life. For safety, choose a unit with automatic shut-off.

2. Stovetop Cover

Just about everyone who owns an RV or camper would appreciate more usable space for preparing food or enjoying a quick meal or snack. If you're limited on counter or table space, a stovetop cover that fits directly over the stove top grates could be the ideal solution. Not only would this type of topper quiet the rattle during RV travel, it will provide a convenient place for cutting or chopping food.

You might prefer a stovetop cover made of hardwood to complement the kitchen decor. Also, look for a stove topper with some type of rubber backing that is skid-proof. Many of these stovetop covers also have rubber "feet" to help keep them securely in place as the vehicle moves. For your convenience, choose a model that includes a cutting mat for your food prep needs. Some toppers will absorb odors, so look for this feature as well.

3. Countertop Extension

Would you like to add several extra inches to your existing RV countertop? A simple way to do this is by purchasing a countertop extension kitchen accessory. You'll find these made of attractive oak or other hardwood finishes. You simply mount the extension to your countertop using a metal hinge. With a drop-leaf design, an extension countertop will fold up when not in use.

4. Mountable Add-On Drawers

Who couldn't use an extra kitchen drawer or two in a camper or RV? A portable add-a-drawer system will mount directly underneath most any cupboard or table and come with the necessary hardware for installation. You may find these in durable plastic or hardwood.

Look for mountable drawers with a rail design on the side that will work with either flat tables or those that are "lipped." You'll also want to be sure the add-on drawers have some type of locking feature to keep them secure and in place while traveling.

5. Mountable Interior Cabinet Spice Rack

Your kitchen spice jars don't need to take up storage space on your RV countertop. Reduce the clutter by installing a spice rack that mounts inside the cabinet door. If you don't use many spice jars, you might alternatively purchase a few inexpensive spice jar clips with peel and stick installation. This is another handy kitchen accessory for your camper or RV, as it prevents spillage and rattling inside cabinets.

6. Spring-Loaded Cabinet Bars

These bars install inside cupboards or cabinets and they extend to fit most cabinet sizes. They are designed to help keep kitchen items from rattling as the camper or RV is in transit. It's also a good way to prevent food spills as the cabinet doors are opened. Cabinet bars are often available in packages of two or three.

7. Over-the-Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Here's another way to free up some much-needed space on your RV or camper's kitchen counter. A paper towel holder will extend over the edge of a cabinet. You can mount holder so the paper towel roll is placed inside or outside the cabinet door.

Not every kitchen accessory supplier will cater to the needs of RV owners. When shopping for kitchen accessories for your camper or recreational vehicle, you might want to browse specialty stores that sell RV supplies and accessories. Alternatively, a contractor may custom fit and install accessories created to your specifications. Contact a company like Central Plumbing Specialties for more tips on making your RV feel more like home.