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3 Cool Ideas For Reusing Old Residential Windows

Residential windows come in many shapes and sizes, making them perfect for DIY projects. Here are a few fun ideas for ways to use windows that you have had removed from your home, so they don't go to waste. 

Create a Greenhouse

Depending on how many windows you have available, you can actually build your own greenhouse from windows that have been replaced in your home. The windows, which likely have a wooden frame, simply have to be screwed together to create a house-like structure. You can build a house-shaped frame with 2 by 4-inch wood beams first or screw together the windows directly until they're in the shape you want. Generally speaking, you'll need to make each wall at least two windows wide when the windows are lying so that the longest edge is on the ground. Green houses should stand at least six feet tall, so you can enter them without hitting your head. 

If you don't have enough windows for a greenhouse, you could also make a greenhouse box planter, which is simply four windows screwed together into a box shape. An additional window is put on hinges and used as a lid with that option. 

Create an Air Plant Haven

To make an air plant stand, you should remove the glass panels from the windows. Attach chicken wire or fine grating over the hole that is left behind. This is where your air plants, or others that require little rooting, can live. Start by lying the window horizontally. Use mosses and a fine layer of soil to create a base for the plants, then plant them. Don't hang the window up vertically right away; wait until the plants have time to root and hold on to the wire or grating. Once the root system is in place, you can hang the window or set it up vertically for a  unique display. 

Take Interesting Photos With a Window Set

Another fun thing to do with old windows is to paint the frame and use it as a photography prop. The window can be made to look rustic or modern. Remove the glass if you want to take a photo of a person behind the window, or leave it in for a solid background with a person in front of it. The window can be added to a number of a different sets, from using it in a forest for a fantasy setting to adding it to a scene depicting a child praying at night. 

These are just a few ideas for what you can do with old windows. Whether you keep them or recycle them, they have a multitude of uses left in them. You can find more information about residential glass by going here, or to other such websites.