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Create The Ultimate Lakeside Guest Entertainment Area With These Private Dock Upgrades

When you have lakeside property the odds are definitely in your favor when it comes to keeping guests entertained because there is already a lot to see and do without a lot of effort on your part. However, having your own private dock means you can take your entertainment endeavors to the next level—especially with a few upgrades. If you want to ensure that guests get the ultimate experience because you are the host with the most on your lakeside deck, there are a few dock upgrades you definitely need to consider. 

Have a gas-fueled fire pit installed. 

Who doesn't love kicking back under the stars around a toasty fire next to the water on a cool summer night? Give guests a cozy seating area on your dock with an integrated fire pit. Make sure you go with something propane powered so you don't have to worry about ash and wood or gas delivery lines. 

Create an upper deck with a slide to the water. 

In the summer months, guests will love the idea of coming over and slipping into the water to cool off, so make that idea itself even more fun by adding a water slide from the dock itself. If the original dock platform doesn't sit high enough off of the water for a slide, consider adding a secondary deck a level up that has stairs for access. This will give you more entertainment area as well. 

Install safety railing around the dock. 

If someone has a drink too many or a guest has children over, you will want your dock to be a safe place to hang out. So adding railing around the dock is a good idea. If you usually access the dock via your boat or watercraft, simply install a hinged gate at this area to still allow you access to the dock straight from your vessel. 

Create an outdoor cooking space right on the dock. 

You could always just tote your grill out to the dock, but it is better to have a stationary cooking and serving area if you frequently entertain. An outdoor oven, an implemented table for dining, a natural stone countertop for food prep—all of this is pretty simple to install on a large-enough dock, and with just a few integrations, you can have a fully functional outdoor kitchen. If you have electricity on your dock, you could even have a small chilling drawer for wine and drinks.