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3 Cool Tips For Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like with any other household appliance, an air conditioning unit will last you longer and perform better if you make sure that regular maintenance is a priority. Taking care of your AC also means that you'll save money in the long run by avoiding expensive replacements. So take a look below to discover three things that you can do (after you've turned off your unit's power, of course) to ensure that your AC unit will be keeping you cool for years to come. 

Get Rid of Debris

One of the easiest things you can do to improve the performance of your air conditioner is to clear debris that gathers in the condenser unit. The condenser is situated outside and works together with the compressor to cool your house. Simply remove the grill from the top of the condenser (you'll most likely need a screwdriver for this) and use a vacuum to get rid of all the debris inside. Whether it's leaves or just a bunch of dust, the unit can breathe easier when it's gone.

Increase the Air Flow

Because a condenser is located outdoors, it's also quite common that the air flow of the unit is compromised by its surroundings. For many people, if their unit is out of sight -- in other words, in the corner of a big backyard -- then it's out of mind too. In turn, this means that plants or shrubs are allowed to grow around the unit over the course of months or years and dramatically reduce the air flow into the unit. Do some periodic trimming around the unit and you'll be able to avoid such problems with ease.

Oil the Bearings

As AC units age, you'll need to pay more attention to smaller parts in addition to general cleaning. Some of the most important parts when it comes to the performance of the unit are the bearings of the fan motor, which can be accessed by removing the fan grill (again, after making sure that the power has been turned off). Oiling these bearings will allow the fan to run more smoothly than it otherwise would, and cool your home more quickly. Besides, bearing lubricant is a cheap solution that is available at any hardware store. Finally, while you're looking at the bearings, you may also want to quickly check out the fan blades to see if they're cracked or bent and need replacing. 

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