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Perks Of Using Polymeric Sand When Laying A Patio

Paver stones are an ideal material to use for building a backyard patio. Unlike larger concrete slabs, they're visually appealing, available in an extensive list of styles, and are easier to work with because of their compact nature. When laying a patio, many people use sand between the pavers. While using it is easy and sand won't cost you a lot of money, there's a better way. Polymeric sand, which you can likely buy wherever you're shopping for your pavers, is ideal because it hardens. Although it requires a little more work than traditional sand, polymeric sand will present you with these benefits that sand will not.

It Won't Erode

One of the issues of using conventional sand is that it will erode over time. Whether you're cleaning the patio with a hose or with a broom, or you're in an area that sees heavy rainfalls regularly, you can expect the top layers of sand between your pavers to eventually erode. Over time, you'll find that you consistently need to add more sand between the pavers so that the entire patio is flush. Because polymeric sand hardens, you don't have to worry about erosion. In most cases, the fine lines of sand between the pavers will look exactly the same years later.

It's Less Attractive To Ants

If you've ever had a patio with conventional sand between the pavers or slabs, you'll likely be familiar with anthills. Ants love digging into the sand between your pavers, which means that you may constantly be wiping out tall mounts of sand and dirt that dot your patio. This essentially speeds up the erosion process — the ants dig up your sand and you sweep it away, resulting in the need to replace it prematurely. The hard surface of polymeric sand is highly resistant to ants, which means that anthills shouldn't be an issue in this area.

It Keeps Weeds At Bay

Weeds can threaten a patio in from above and below. As seeds blow through the air, they can land in the sand between your pavers and begin to grow. Alternatively, if you didn't remove all the weed roots from beneath the patio when you built it, resilient weeds can grow up through the sand and appear. With polymeric sand, neither scenario will be a concern. The durability of this product means that weed seeds cannot grow in it or grow up through it.