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3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Storm Impact Window

Adding storm impact windows and doors to your home now will protect your house, but when it's time to choose the actual type of impact window, you have to consider more than just the vague threat of hurricanes in general. The climate is changing, and no matter what you blame for that, the fact is, you need to plan for what your house could encounter in the future. Whatever you get now needs to last, so consider the following three future problems before you buy storm impact windows.

Increasing Number and Strength of Storms

Hurricanes have been increasing in strength and duration, and they are expected to continue to increase in the future. They are also expected to slow down, meaning that they will linger over a particular location, much like Harvey stalled over Houston, and dump more rain and wind on whatever is in their way. Unless you are truly in a tough place regarding cash, try to get impact windows that are as strong as possible. There are a couple of different types that are rated for small and large projectiles, and you may want to get the stronger of the two just to cover your bases in the future.

Changing Landscapes

Another issue that you have to look at is how the surrounding landscape will change in the next couple of decades. A new development might not have a lot of trees, for example, but 20 years from now, how much plant life will there be, and how much more stuff will people have in their yards that could be thrown around by winds? This is another reason to get windows that are built to be as strong as possible so that, if the size of possible projectiles increases, your home has more protection already in place.

Rising Costs

New technology tends to go through two price stages: a really expensive initial stage, in which the technology is costly, and a cheaper secondary stage, in which the technology becomes so common and so easy to find that the price drops. However, there is a confounding factor of inflation as years go by -- put simply, the price to get things done goes up, much like rent goes up. When you install strong impact windows, you often have to have the entire window frame strengthened, too. So while the price of impact windows may be coming down, the price to get the work done will likely go up in the future.

Getting strong impact windows now will mean having more protection from both increasing storm strength and increasing financial issues in the future. You can work with a window company to identify upcoming risks and changes to help you choose the best style of impact window for your home.