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Shredding Documents: What To Know

If you're tired of staring at folders and folders of old reports, newspaper clippings, receipts or other documents, shredding can help. Professional shredding can clear away both personal and business documents by disposing of them in a way that's both efficient, fast and secure. What shredding details are important?

Where Shredding Happens

You may first want documents to be hauled away from your home or business so that it doesn't disrupt life or work. However, it's often more secure to have the shredding done right on site so you can see for yourself that the documents no longer exist. If it's taken to a facility, ask about security and the process involved.

Where Shreds End Up

Once shredding occurs, you may not worry about their final location. You might even be willing to put them in your own trash. However, it's smart to think carefully about the ultimate destination of shreds. Because shreds are often considered public, not private, property, it's wise to keep shreds away from people who could be interested in them. Ask about whether the shreds will be melted into pulp and recycled or just taken to a local dump. If your documents are very sensitive, you might prefer the former. Knowing for a fact that shreds are being recycled may also be important to you.

What Shouldn't Be Shredded

Many personal and business documents and papers can be shredded. If you have old reports that have been uploaded to the cloud, those reports can typically go. Old customer records and client information could be safely shredded as well, in most cases. However, while many documents are fine to shred, there are some which should be retained for a period of years for your own protection. Such documents include:

  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Supporting tax documents
  • Business property records

If you're unsure, hang on to documents until you know they aren't needed. In particular, consult the IRS, business partners and other professional contacts if you're still ambivalent.

Whether a Company is Certified

The National Association of Information Destruction inspects, evaluates and certifies different document shredding companies. If you have sensitive documents, it's worth seeking out a certified company that has been assessed by this organization. It will provide some relief and confidence that you're using a business that handles documents properly.

Know these details whenever shredding becomes necessary. Shredding services and document professionals like those at Document Demolition LLC dispose of old documents so you can clear space and move on.