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Know Your Options For A Privacy Fence

Do you feel like your backyard is lacking privacy because you do not have a fence?  If so, you'll need to pick a material that will be installed along your property line. Here are three materials that can provide privacy to your yard.

Wood Fencing

A traditional choice for fencing material will be wood, with it coming in so many styles that you'll be sure to find one that fits your home.  While wood fencing, such as cedar wood fencing, is excellent at providing a solid barrier that nobody can see through, be aware that the material does require maintenance over the years to keep it in great shape.  You'll want to make sure that the wood is covered with a stain or sealant that prevents the material from being damaged by water.  An easy way to test it is to splash some water on the wood. If the water beads up and rolls off the surface, you know that the sealant is still good.  If the wood absorbs the water, then it is time to reseal the wood so that it has the protection it needs.

Chain Link Fencing With Slats

You may not think of chain link fencing as a privacy fence material, but with a slight modification it can be.  Once the chain link fence is installed, you can weave vinyl slats between the links to create a barrier that is difficult for others to see through.  The slats are typically made out of vinyl or metal, and do a good job at blocking the view from others on the opposite side of the fence.  When you combine the chain link fence with the slats, it makes a combination that is very affordable to someone looking to add a fence to their yard on a budget.

Vinyl Fencing

Another option for privacy is to use a fence that has solid panels, such as vinyl fencing.  This is potentially the ultimate way to provide privacy to your yard on a budget, since it creates a barrier that is impossible for others to see through unless they are above the fence.  Many homeowners love vinyl fencing material due to the minimal maintenance required over the years.  The only thing you'll really need to do to maintain the material is wash it down if it becomes dirty. There will be no concerns about the vinyl deteriorating like there would be with other fencing products.

Reach out to a local fencing contractor for assistance installing any of these fences.