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Renting A Roll-Off Container For Large Trash Removal Jobs

When you have a large amount of trash to remove, putting it in the trash can sitting on the curb might not be a reasonable way to go. Large jobs often require large containers, and renting a container offers you the flexibility of having the container on site so you can fill it in whatever time frame works for you.

Cleaning Out

Whether you are cleaning out your attic or cleaning out an entire house, the amount of trash you have to dispose of may be overwhelming. Renting a dumpster or roll-off container from a local trash removal company allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you, and you can have them pick up the container once it is full. If you need to fill the container a second time, let them know so they can bring it back after. There may be restrictions on what can go in the container, so make sure you check with them when you rent it and get any guidelines up front.

The Best Location

Finding the best location for the container on your property is essential. The dumpster needs to be accessible so that you can fill it, but it also needs to be in a location that allows the truck to get in and out to deliver and pick up the container. There may be restrictions in your neighborhood, especially if you have a homeowners' association with strict guidelines. Check with the homeowners' association to find out if there are any places that you cannot put the container and to let them know you have one coming. When the driver arrives, show him where you want the container to sit, and ask him if that is functional for them.

Some neighborhoods will not allow the container to be on the road in front of the home, but others do not want it on the lawn. If the ground is soft around your house, driving the truck across it may damage the lawn, the soil underneath, or plumbing for an irrigation system.

Negotiating The Price

When you rent a container to put your trash in, talk to the rental company about pricing and what it includes. Some companies provide the container and one dump for a set price, others offer the container and charge for each time they empty the container.  If you have to pay a significant price each time the container is emptied, be selective about what you put in the container. 

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