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4 Big Home Layout Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Own

Working with a home builder to design your own custom home is surely exciting. The end result should be a home that fits your every need perfectly. A big part of designing the home will be determining the layout of the rooms. In order to ensure the home flows well and is nicely functional, there are a few common layout mistakes to avoid.

Bathroom off the Kitchen

Placing the bathroom and the kitchen near each other makes sense from a plumbing standpoint. You can save money and save the plumber some hassle if the two rooms share a wall since you can run the pipes together. However, the money you save won't be worth the inconvenience of having the bathroom off the kitchen. Someone who has to leave and use the bathroom during a party in the kitchen will feel awkward. And if there are ever any bad odors in the bathroom, you don't want them wafting into the kitchen.

Wall-to-Wall Bedrooms

Placing the bedrooms next to one another is another seemingly convenient design choice that will be an annoyance later on. Chances are that not everyone will want to go to bed at the same time. If one person is up late watching TV, the noise will travel through the wall and keep the other person awake. This can especially be a problem when you have kids and they have different bedtimes due to being different ages. Placing a bathroom, a closet, or even some storage cubbies between bedrooms as a buffer works well.

Inaccessible Entryways

Entryways that are enclosed like a little room were popular for a while, but they've become less common -- and for good reason. It sounds nice to enclose the area where your boots and coats will be stashed, but actually, it can be an annoyance. When you have several people come over, they will all have to squish into the entryway. You may struggle to greet people if you're in the living room or kitchen and they're still in the enclosed entryway. An open entry area in a larger room is a better choice.

Small Bathrooms

A bathroom is a bathroom, right? You may figure it's better to use more space for the bedrooms and other living spaces and skimp on the bathroom space. But really, you'll regret it every time you bump your knees on the shower wall while using the toilet. A bathroom should measure at least 5 x 8 feet for comfort; don't go smaller.

Work with your custom home builder to find the right solutions for you.