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Need to Improve Your Rental Home's Bathroom? 3 Projects Renters Can Do

When you are currently renting a house, it's likely that you don't have as much freedom over making changes outside due to it belonging to a landlord or property owner. If you've been feeling frustrated with how some parts of the home are quite dated, it's a good idea to look into the projects that you can take care of as a renter so that your home feels more modern and inviting.

Instead of feeling let down by the lack of freedom when personalizing your home, consider these bathroom remodeling projects and how much of an impact they can make in the bathroom as a renter.

Replace a Showerhead

An easy way to make an instant improvement in your bathroom is to have the showerhead replaced. Being able to enjoy better water pressure can be a great way to make your bathroom better and can be quite affordable depending on the price of the showerhead you pick.

After choosing a showerhead to have installed, all you need to do is carefully remove your existing one and install the new one according to their instructions. Holding onto the old showerhead can make sure that you're able to replace it again when it's time to move out.

Install More Shelving

Another way to improve your bathroom when you're only renting is to have more shelving installed so that the bathroom has more storage space. Many people feel frustrated when the bathroom doesn't have room for towels or toiletries that they would like in the bathroom, making it useful to see whether you can install shelving or if there is a shelving unit that you can place on the ground to hold onto some things.

Add a New Color

Adding more color to the bathroom can transform your bathroom significantly and can be a great way to make sure that your bathroom turns out great afterward. Adding more color to your bathroom can often be as simple as checking whether you're able to paint the walls a new color or try to make a change in the bathroom with the consent of your landlord.

Making improvements to your bathroom may not be as daunting of a process than you might have thought when you're renting due to there being a lot of projects that can be done without major changes. Instead of beginning to remodel the bathroom any way you like, look into projects that are easy to do as a renter and will make an impact in the way your bathroom feels.