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Serious Consequences Of Ignored Or Undetected Commercial Roof Leaks

Do you own or maintain a commercial building? If so, you likely have a variety of duties you are responsible for. Sometimes you may overlook or dismiss pending repairs or maintenance schedules This is common when decision-makers have busy schedules. Your commercial roof may be one area of your property that has not received proper attention.

You may have undetected damage that will gradually get worse with time.  If this is the case, schedule a roof inspection. Even if your roof appears sound and unharmed, the roofing materials could shield underlying damage. The following points will help you to understand some harsh consequences you could face.

Building Material Deterioration

The presence of wetness can cause building materials to break down. Insulation and materials made from wood commonly get affected by water damage. You may have to replace wall and ceiling materials. If the water intrusion from the roof is extensive, the structural soundness of your commercial property may also be at risk.

Fungi Growth

Water intrusion can also encourage the growth of mildew and mold. These distinct types of fungi can spread rapidly and may invade areas beyond your roof when leaks exist. These toxic substances spread through spores. When a roof leak exposes your home to water, the spores can travel into your home. 

Electrical Issues

Some property owners do not realize that badly damaged roofs can affect other systems within their properties. The electrical wiring system in your property is likely protected by moisture-proof material. This does not mean that the material is resistant to the copious amounts of water that can result from a roof leak. Eventually, the wiring could get compromised by the excess wetness, and you might experience electrical shorts. If this process of electrical shorts continues without remediation, a fire could occur. 

Physical Safety

Roof leaks can cause multiple safety issues. Some of these issues can cause injuries to occur on your property. Water puddles can drip onto flooring surfaces. This can cause hazardous risks such as slip and falls. Putting your employees' safety at risk can cause problems that can put your business in a significant amount of debt if they sue you. You may also face government sanctions for having unsafe work conditions. If you have customers who visit your business, they could also injure themselves. 

A commercial roofer is a good resource to use to ensure that the protocols your business takes to protect its roof are effective. They can inspect your roof and detect existing damage even if untrained eyes cannot detect the damage. These professionals have many tools and equipment, such as infrared lighting, that can detect water intrusions beneath roofing materials.

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