3 Cool Ideas For Reusing Old Residential Windows

Residential windows come in many shapes and sizes, making them perfect for DIY projects. Here are a few fun ideas for ways to use windows that you have had removed from your home, so they don't go to waste.  Create a Greenhouse Depending on how many windows you have available, you can actually build your own greenhouse from windows that have been replaced in your home. The windows, which likely have a wooden frame, simply have to be screwed together to create a house-like structure. [Read More]

What Are Your Best Insulation Options For A Manufactured Home?

Purchasing your own gently used manufactured home and placing it on raw land you already own can be a great way to achieve homeownership at a low cost. In other cases, you and your family may move into a manufactured home for a year or two while your dream home is being constructed. However, manufactured homes are designed to be much thinner and lighter than stick-built homes, making them less thoroughly insulated -- and more prone to heat loss during winter and stifling temperatures during summer. [Read More]

Flower Options For Xeriscape Gardens

A xeriscaped garden doesn't have to depend upon cactus plants, yuccas, or other succulents to provide a touch of color. There are many flowering plants that can grow well in low water conditions. The key is to pick plants that grow well in your natural climate with little outside irrigation. The following list can help you select a few options.   Seasonal color For color in spring, few options beat the flowering bulbs, which include daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. [Read More]

3 Ways Your Neighbors Can Damage Your Driveway & What To Do About Them

In a perfect world, everyone would get along with their neighbors. But since the world is far from perfect, there are times when neighbors have relationships that could rival the Hatfields & McCoys. Sometimes, feuds between neighbors stem from one neighbor doing something to cause damage on the other neighbor's property, such as their driveways. Here are three examples of how someone can damage their neighbor's driveway and what you can do about it if it happens to you. [Read More]