Create The Ultimate Lakeside Guest Entertainment Area With These Private Dock Upgrades

When you have lakeside property the odds are definitely in your favor when it comes to keeping guests entertained because there is already a lot to see and do without a lot of effort on your part. However, having your own private dock means you can take your entertainment endeavors to the next level—especially with a few upgrades. If you want to ensure that guests get the ultimate experience because you are the host with the most on your lakeside deck, there are a few dock upgrades you definitely need to consider. [Read More]

Make Holiday Roof Decorating Easy And Safe Using These Tips And Tricks

If you love decorating your roof for holidays throughout the year, there are several things you can do to make the process easier and safer. Consider implementing the following tips and tricks: Have Professionals Lay the Ground Work One of the best ways to make holiday roof decorating easy is to have roofing contractors get some basics set up for you. They should start by inspecting the entirety of the roof to ensure that it's safe for you to walk on when you head up there to put up your various decorations. [Read More]

3 Cool Ideas For Reusing Old Residential Windows

Residential windows come in many shapes and sizes, making them perfect for DIY projects. Here are a few fun ideas for ways to use windows that you have had removed from your home, so they don't go to waste.  Create a Greenhouse Depending on how many windows you have available, you can actually build your own greenhouse from windows that have been replaced in your home. The windows, which likely have a wooden frame, simply have to be screwed together to create a house-like structure. [Read More]

What Are Your Best Insulation Options For A Manufactured Home?

Purchasing your own gently used manufactured home and placing it on raw land you already own can be a great way to achieve homeownership at a low cost. In other cases, you and your family may move into a manufactured home for a year or two while your dream home is being constructed. However, manufactured homes are designed to be much thinner and lighter than stick-built homes, making them less thoroughly insulated -- and more prone to heat loss during winter and stifling temperatures during summer. [Read More]