Hiring Painters for Your Home? What Type of Protective Equipment Is Required?

If the spring thaw has revealed your home's exterior paint to be chipping or cracking, you may already be getting quotes on a new coat of paint for your siding, gutters, and trim. While a new interior paint job can usually be tackled by most homeowners, painting the outside of a multi-story building can be a potentially dangerous prospect for anyone who doesn't have the proper training or safety equipment. Read on to learn more about the fall-protection equipment and other safety equipment your painters will need, as well as any obligations you may have as the property owner to ensure that the individuals with whom you contract are operating in a safe and responsible manner. [Read More]

7 Kitchen Accessories For A Camper, Motorhome Or Recreational Vehicle

Do you own a camper, recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome? If so, food preparation space may be limited. Kitchen accessories geared towards RV use can maximize the space you have. Rather than choose traditional sized gadgets and appliances, you might want to choose compact accessories that offer the same benefits and features as their full-sized counterparts. In addition, look for convenient kitchen helpers such as add-on drawers that fit underneath a counter or table, as well as food preparation toppers that fit over the stove. [Read More]

What Are Your Best Heating Options For A Detached Garage?

Whether you're planning the construction of a new detached garage to store tools, vehicles, and sports equipment or already have a detached garage that you find difficult to use for much of the year due to its lack of heat, you may be wondering about the most cost-efficient ways to provide warmth to this detached structure. While modern technology has helped make timeless heating systems even more efficient, the right purchase decision often depends on your current setup and the availability of certain natural resources in your area. [Read More]

How To Revive A Dying Lilac Bush

Lilac trees are beautiful, with their bountiful blooms and fresh, green leaves. Unfortunately, they have pretty specific requirements when it comes to care, soil quality and water availability. A lack of care or a drought can cause a lilac bush to wither away. However, you should never give up on a lilac bush that appears to be dying. If you follow these steps, you might be able to bring it back to life. [Read More]