Thinking Of Adding Air Conditioning To Your Rental Units? Consider These Challenges

Adding air conditioning to your rental units can be a great way to attract more tenants, particularly if you're in an area where the summers are hot. Residents will appreciate not having to reinstall a window air conditioner each spring or having to sweat through the hottest nights. However, there are some challenges that can come up when you begin the process of adding air conditioning to the building. By preparing for those challenges in advance, you make facing them easier. [Read More]

Design And Location Tips New Farmers Can Use To Maximize Barn Efficiency

Starting a small farm on a raw, unspoiled piece of land can be an excellent way to ensure that all the farm's structures, livestock and planting areas are situated precisely where you want them. Once you have your plan laid out, building a barn to shelter livestock, hay and farm equipment is usually the first priority, but the construction of a traditional barn can be an expensive, time-consuming task. To expedite the process of providing shelter and minimize the cost of traditional construction, many farmers choose to erect one or more pre-engineered metal buildings instead of wood-framed barn. [Read More]

How To Easily Fix The Hole In Your Garage Door

You probably never realized how much you use your garage door until it broke. Luckily, if you maintain and take good care of your garage door, it should last about 20 years. What you can't plan for are accidents, like plowing into your garage door with the snow-blower or a teenager hitting it with the car. No matter what type of unfortunate event took place in your driveway that created a hole in your garage door, the important thing is it can easily be fixed without affecting the structural integrity of the door. [Read More]

In-Depth Guide For Adjusting Garage Door Torsion Springs

If you're having trouble opening or keeping your garage door shut, then you may need to readjust the torsion springs. These springs help support the full weight of the garage door, which often weighs 250 pounds or more depending on the materials used in its construction. This makes it easier for you or your automatic door opener to open and close the door. Torsion spring readjustment is a job commonly done by the pros, but you can handle it yourself with the proper safety tips and procedures. [Read More]