Keep Your Home Safe After The Flood Is Gone

If it stops raining and there is no water in your basement, you might breathe a sigh of relief. While that relief may be the correct action, the fact that you did not get standing water does not mean you should simply go on about your life. There are other ways your home can suffer water damage after a major storm, and it is best to catch the moisture before it does serious harm. [Read More]

Two Common Door Hinge Problems And How You Can Easily Fix Them

You may never have considered how many times you open and close your doors at home, but if you were to count, the number may surprise you. After literally hundreds or thousands of openings and closings, your door hinges may give you problems. And, most of the time, the problem isn't even the hinges themselves but their attachment to the door frame. Below are two common problems that can cause your door to hang incorrectly from its hinges and how you can fix the problems easily and without spending a fortune: [Read More]

How To Keep Your Fire Suppression Sprinkler System Ready To Go At All Times

If you own a residential sprinkler system, then you have made a wise decision. Fewer than 1 in 20 American homes are fitted with residential fire sprinklers, but those that do have them are much less likely to suffer serious damage and injury in the event of a fire. However, homeowners with sprinklers have a responsibility to keep their systems in a ready-state if they want them to be operable when fire strikes. [Read More]

2 Ways To Keep Your Driveway Pristine

Buying a home can be overwhelming. In addition to moving in, setting up utilities, and meeting the new neighbors, you also have the added responsibility of caring for your new place and lot. Although most people understand the importance of installing smoke alarms and mowing the lawn, driveways are often overlooked, which leads to unsightly damage down the road. Here are two ways to keep your concrete driveway pristine, so that you can focus on other things: [Read More]