Starting A Food Truck? This Checklist Will Help Ensure A Profitable Grand Opening!

Now that your food truck is decked out and ready for business, it's time to prepare for your opening day. No grand opening is a success without plenty of customers to tend to, so it's important to do more than get listed in the phone book and included in the local classifieds. The following checklist will help ensure that you attract plenty of customers to make your grand opening a major success: [Read More]

Pests That Are Attracted To Your Home's Plumbing

In San Diego, two women found a 5-foot long snake coming out of a toilet located in their office building. The animal services employee who was called to trap the snake said he thought the snake was a pet. The landlord confirmed another tenant in the building had a pet snake, but it wasn't clear at the time of the news story if the snake belonged to the tenant. While finding a snake in your plumbing isn't a likely possibility, there are several other types of pests that are attracted to plumbing and water. [Read More]