Never Lived In A Home With Hardwood Floors? 3 Tips For Avoiding Damages

Buying a home with hardwood flooring can be great due to how nice they can look as the years go by and the fact that they won't require deep cleaning in the way that carpeting requires. If this will be your first home with hardwood flooring, however, you need to make sure that you know what needs to be done to ensure that the flooring won't be damaged after moving in. [Read More]

Shredding Documents: What To Know

If you're tired of staring at folders and folders of old reports, newspaper clippings, receipts or other documents, shredding can help. Professional shredding can clear away both personal and business documents by disposing of them in a way that's both efficient, fast and secure. What shredding details are important? Where Shredding Happens You may first want documents to be hauled away from your home or business so that it doesn't disrupt life or work. [Read More]

3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Storm Impact Window

Adding storm impact windows and doors to your home now will protect your house, but when it's time to choose the actual type of impact window, you have to consider more than just the vague threat of hurricanes in general. The climate is changing, and no matter what you blame for that, the fact is, you need to plan for what your house could encounter in the future. Whatever you get now needs to last, so consider the following three future problems before you buy storm impact windows. [Read More]

Options For Containing Your Dog Outdoors At Your Rental Property

If you have a dog and are a renter, you could be wondering if you have any options for containing your dog outdoors. After all, you probably can't (or don't want to) purchase a permanent fence for a property that isn't yours. Additionally, you probably don't want to turn your dog outside without a leash for safety reasons, no matter how well-trained your dog might be. Luckily, you do still have options. [Read More]