Inspect, Clean, Repair: Keep Your Fence Looking Great This Summer

Various environmental factors will wear down your fencing, regardless of its type. As a general rule, wetter seasons are more damaging, particularly to metal, since water leads to corrosion. However, warm weather is also known to cause its fair share of damage thanks to the excessive heat, sporadic showers, and regular use of the fencing. Thankfully, there are three things that you can do to maintain your fence and keep it looking great. [Read More]

What To Do About The Bent Track On Your Garage Door

Garage door parts work hard lifting the heavy door day after day. It's no wonder the parts wear out and eventually need repairs, especially if you get lax about keeping things lubricated and clean. Plus, if you bump into the tracks on the side occasionally when you back out, that takes its toll too. One common problem that develops is a bent track. Here's why it happens and what to do about it. [Read More]

Does It Matter Whether You Use Cones Or Pylons?

If your city is struggling to keep road work costs in check and has to be very cautious about what work zone equipment it obtains, finding ways to get more than one type of use out of an item is helpful. One potential way to streamline costs is to buy one type of road work delineator or barrier and use that for channelizing, guiding, blocking, and warning. Cones and pylons are among the most commonly used items for these, but does it matter which one you use? [Read More]

How To Prepare Your Parking Lot For Sealcoating

If you want to reseal the parking lot in front of your business or apartment building, you need to spend some time preparing. The following tips will help your sealing efforts go smoothly, and they will help you avoid issues with your sealant down the road. 1. Clean the Parking Lot Before applying the sealant, you need to thoroughly clean the parking lot. Otherwise, you will end up putting the sealant over the dirt and debris that is on your parking lot. [Read More]